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Sustainable Packaging: an important element of a Florist’s toolkit.

Sustainable Packaging: an important element of a Florist’s toolkit.

A bouquet of flowers often says a thousand words, they have the power to deliver messages of thought, love, birthday wishes and more and the florist’s skill is demonstrated by combining the colours, fragrances and textures to deliver a bouquet perfect for the recipient.

However, there is much more to a bouquet than the arrangement itself. Packaging and presentation are enormously important too and it says a lot about the beautiful flowers and foliage themselves, depending on how they are wrapped and packaged. In this age of online gift flower options, skilled Florists need to ensure that their offering shouts quality and care from the moment the bouquet is arranged, all the way through to the delivery.

Most people giving and receiving flowers will have some knowledge of sustainably and some may even choose where they shop based on the florists’ sustainability credentials. This gives the florist a unique opportunity to promote their services on an eco-platform, there has never been a better or more important time for a florist to consider their eco practices and sustainable supply chain. Not to mention, using environmentally sustainable packaging and presentation products may provide the USP needed to differentiate the florist shop from competitors.

Paper and card have their language and are just as important to enhance beautiful flower bouquets and foliage. At Eco Flower Supplies we have a huge range of paper-based products that can complement any creation. For example, our signature sustainable sleeves provide quality and texture, an integral part of the message being conveyed and set the tone of the arrangement, so much so, that they speak to all trends; modern, rustic, classic or natural.

Eco Paper Flower Sleeves are a relatively new addition to the florist’s toolkit. Eco Flower Supplies are a part of Dynamic Print: We’ve been offering paper sleeves since 2018. They are made from UK-sourced die-cut 90gsm Kraft paper which is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable – and they have a natural, soft look that can enhance any style of arrangement.

It is key to remember that a florist’s packaging should never be an afterthought, as much care should be put into the finishing touches of presentation as it does the flowers themselves. In the world of floristry, eco-friendly products can set businesses apart from others, with sustainability being one of the most influential factors in consumers’ buying decisions.

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