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Providing eco-friendly solutions to commercial growers or artisanal florists we are striving to minimise the waste by offering these simple solutions.

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Bringing Eco Solutions to the Print & Packaging industry

At Eco Flower Supplies, along side our parent company, our aim is to reduce the vast amount of plastic currently being used in the floristry industry.

We have spent many years, discussing & digesting every aspect of the Floristry industry collaborating our ideas with Flower Farmers and Florists alike and together we have created our range of sustainable products, from  Paper flower sleeves which can be recycled or composted, to using “Coffee Waste or Confetti Recycled Paper for greeting cards and tags,  we more recently we have invested in Eco Cellophane, which is proving very popular.

We don’t just stop here, we have looked at all of our waste, & how it could be reused, upcycled, recycled or freecycled. We have helped various organisations within Norfolk to use our waste materials in ways we had never thought possible.

From the offcuts of our Greyboard materials and Seeded paper (which grows) given to the Norwich Puppet Theatre to make some of their puppets and background scenery to donating our upcycled Notepads to various charities which include the Norwich Theatre Royal, The Sainsburys Centre and NorwichBID.

Making life more sustainable is very important to us & we welcome any of your ideas that you would like to share with us by sending us an email and lets see if we can collaborate together and save on using PLASTIC within this industry or any other.

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With Eco Flower Supplies, you can take the next steps into turning your business into an eco friendly business. We have a range of products that can help you hit those goals.

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