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Sustainable choices you can make to combat paper waste in your floral business

Sustainable choices you can make to combat paper waste in your floral business:

In a world where our choices ripple across the planet, there’s an art to living consciously, and it starts with the decisions we make. Today, we explore why choosing eco-friendly floristry supplies should be more than a fleeting thought – it should be an intentional, mindful choice that resonates with our shared responsibility to the environment. At Eco Flower Supplies, we’re passionate about creating floristry supplies that not only elevate your creative endeavours but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Throughout this blog we unpack the impact that choosing eco-friendly floristry supplies can have on our planet and why it’s a choice worth making.

Within the world of floristry, a concerning issue often goes unnoticed: paper waste. Startling statistics shed light on the extent of this problem. In the United Kingdom alone, the floral industry collectively generates a staggering amount of paper waste. This waste primarily arises from disposable packaging and single-use paper materials, inadvertently contributing to a significant environmental challenge.

However, we are supporting and championing change, intentionally producing eco-friendly floristry supplies made from sustainable paper and biodegradable materials, so we can reshape this narrative. 

These choices not only reduce our environmental impact but also address the sobering statistics associated with paper waste in the floral industry.  


How can you make a conscious choice that benefits both your arrangements and the planet? 

By choosing from our carefully curated range of eco-friendly products you can have peace of mind that you are making considered choices that will not only reduce waste and are better for the environment, but they will also provide key USPs for your business.


Bouquet Paper Flower Sleeves: 

Our best-selling sleeves are manufactured in the UK from European-made paper, they are available in a Natural Kraft shade and are made from 90gsm (grams per square metre) kraft paper which is ribbed and glazed on the inside of the sleeve. The sleeves have been designed and tested by florists and flower farmers to ensure we are offering the very best sustainable alternative, perfect for retail and consumer consumption.


Eco Cellophane: 

Our crystal clear eco-friendly compostable florist wrap is ideal for wrapping bouquets and other items. It is biodegradable, sustainable, compostable and food-safe. It is made from 35micron Nativia ® , which is a bio-based film made from sources such as corn, sugar beet and potatoes.


Compostable Greaseproof Sheets: 

Our greaseproof sheets are 100% unbleached pure compostable and fully recyclable, They make a great alternative to traditional wrap with the added benefit of being kinder on the planet. This wrap can be added to our sustainable sleeves to create layered looks to your packaging. 

By consciously choosing eco-friendly floristry supplies crafted from sustainable paper, we can not only reduce our ecological footprint but also be a part of the solution to this pressing issue. These thoughtful choices align with the shared responsibility we hold towards our planet, offering a harmonious balance between the artistry of floristry and our commitment to a greener, more sustainable world.



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