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Dynamic Print and Eco Flowers: Let The Paper do the Talking Swatch

It’s no secret that at both Dynamic Print and Eco Flower Supplies we love everything paper, recycling it and repurposing it anywhere we can! 

Besides our usual paper talk and the amazing print productions we can provide, we rarely shout about the range of unique papers that we can transform into almost anything your business heart desires. You have probably heard of our flower-seeded paper, which is much-loved with florists, but you may be intrigued to know that we have papers, made with seaweed, coffee waste and even elephant poo!  

This is where we introduce our new paper swatch which details our extensive range of unique papers, all designed to reduce waste wherever possible and provide interesting sustainable paper options to promote your business. 

Our Managing Director is pleased to share her thoughts on our new paper swatch:

“It has taking 35 years of paper knowledge to bring my very own upcycled and recycled paper swatch highlighting various papers made from the waste of the coffee husk, Elephant dung, post consumer waste and Confetti. A great way of engaging customers when handing over your new business card or leaflet, can you imagine the conversation, your leaflet is made out of elephant poo?”

Let the paper do the talking, what’s in the swatch? 

Seaweed Paper: 

Entirely natural, free from additives, can be recycled and it’s biodegradable 

Contains: 30% Seaweed and 70% F.S.C Paper 

Particles of Sunshine: 

Made from 100% post-consumer waste, leaves beautiful tiny gold flecks in the card

Contains: 100% Post Consumer Waste.

Ellie Poo: 

Handmade in the UK using recycled paper and elephant poo waste from Whipsnade Zoo

Contains: 95% Recycled Paper and 5% Ellie Poo


Explore the rest of our paper swatch and discover our other exciting papers here. eco-papers


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